This foaming cleanser is a natural and delightful addition to your skincare routine. The essential oil of this fragrant plant has disinfectant properties, and its cleaning powers have long been known. Even before the antimicrobial properties of lavender were discovered, it was used for cleaning purposes. The word lavender itself comes from lavare, meaning “to wash.”

Lavender is also a natural antiseptic, with antiviral properties that help cleanse the skin of impurities.

The Clearburn Naturals foaming cleanser will become an essential part of your daily skincare routine.


100mls and 200mls

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100 mls, 200 mls

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  1. Admin

    Foaming Cleanser
    This felt nice and light on the skin, non greasy and really nice to apply.
    Marj, Taranaki 1.7.2017

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