Rose hydrosol, combined with the power of Jojoba oil and the soothing properties of Alpha Bisabol, will have your skin feeling moisturised and soft as a rose petal. Geranium, Neroli and Benzoin essential oils give this body lotion its divine finishing fragrance. 

Sample, 40 mls, 100 mls and 200 mls

Ingredients: Rose hydrosol, Aloe Vera, Alpha Bisabol, Jojoba oil, Glycerine, Olivem 1000, Vitamin E, Benzoin Essential oil, Geranium Essential oil, Neroli Essential oil, Preservative Eco

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sample, 100 mls, 200 mls, 40 mls

4 reviews for Rose Body Lotion

  1. Admin

    I formulated this because I have very dry skin and needed something natural to moisturise my skin. This did a fantastic job and smelled divine!! I also discovered a side effect that I didn’t expect. When I was in Thailand in December 2017, despite my best efforts, I got bitten by mosquitoes (I even resorted to using a deet spray with no luck). I discovered that when I applied this body lotion at night that it took the itch away and healed the bites a lot quicker. Christine, Whangarei

  2. Admin

    Christine’s Rose Body Lotion is divine. I’ve always been one for beautiful fragrances and that lotion sure has that!!! Well done Chickie. Kathy

  3. Admin

    I find the body lotion very easy to use. It absorbs quickly and is not greasy. Makes my skin a lot smoother, especially on my legs, which had become very dry and flaky. It has a lovely fragrance. Betty

  4. Yvonne Rahui

    I purchased a bottle of this lotion after trying it once,..simply because, I loved the gorgeous smell which has lasted hours!
    It did sink into my aged, dry skinned arm quickly, leaving a silkyish feel.
    I’m yet to try it elsewhere but I’m happy with the smell regardless!

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