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What is a shampoo bar?

A shampoo bar is basically a solid bar that has been formulated to wash your hair. It is gentle yet effective, and quite different from regular shampoo, so it’s a bit of a mental shift. Many people are latching onto the benefits of using a shampoo bar instead of regular shampoo, and our Clearburn Natural Cranberry Shampoo bar is fast becoming one of our most popular products.

Benefits of using a shampoo bar

It’s no secret that products from the skin care and hair care industries can contain ingredients that are damaging to our own health and the health of the planet. Everything from known carcinogens in makeup to excess packaging are relatively commonplace.  

Shampoo bars have numerous benefits, they’re gentle on our environment, on the body and are great for your skin and hair.

Here are the top 3 benefits of using a shampoo bar over regular shampoo:

1. Avoid some pretty nasty chemicals that come in regular shampoo

Traditional shampoos can include ingredients that are potentially harmful for the skin. This includes Sodium Laurel Sulphate, a surfectant designed to produce a foamy lather. SLS’s are known to be skin, lung and eye irritants. They also have the potential to interact and combine with other chemicals to form nitrosamines, a carcinogen.

Other potentially harmful ingredients in traditional shampoos can include:

  • Parabens – they have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer
  • Propylene glycol – an actual skin irritant
  • Synthetic colours – some are known to be human carcinogens and skin irritants
  • Fragrance – fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system

By contrast shampoo bars are packed with natural health giving ingredients such as essential oils to nourish and cleanse hair and invigorate the scalp.

All the ingredients in our Cranberry Shampoo Bars are biodegradable.

2. Virtually no packaging

Generally shampoo bars come wrapped in paper or in a cardboard box so there’s no need for heavy duty plastic packaging that will quickly be sent to the landfill. They’re also a great travel option – simply cut a small piece off your bar to take with you for a light and compact shampoo hack.

3. Great for your hair

Shampoo bars are great for your hair because they’ll help get your hair back to its original, shiny, voluminous state by clearing away residue left from the chemicals found in traditional hair cleansers.

Plus, shampoo bars are packed full of nourishing oils and herbal extracts like rosemary which invigorate the scalp and promote healthy hair. They can also be very soothing for dry or irritated scalps.

Shampoo bars are safe and easy to use for children and you can be confident that you’re not exposing their delicate skin to any harmful chemicals.

Our own customers have reported that they find they actually wash their hair less often when using a shampoo bar as opposed to regular shampoo. Possibly because shampoo bars don’t strip the hair like detergent based shampoos can.

Clearburn Naturals Cranberry Shampoo Bar combines the power of mild plant based cleansers with nourishing oils and rosemary for a deep and invigorating cleanse. Cranberry adds vitamins and proteins for naturally, shiny healthy looking hair.

Here’s how to use it

1. Simply wet your hair and work the soap into a lather. You can lather the soap on your hands and apply to wet hair than or rub it directly onto your hair.

2. Work the shampoo through your hair, and then rinse out.  You can repeat this process if you want. For normal hair once will be enough, but if hair needs a really good clean you could repeat this step. Your hair should be left with a squeaky clean feel, but not dry.

3. Because it contains natural moisturisers for your hair, you may not need a conditioner afterwards. This will depend on your hair type and whether it has been coloured or treated.

4. Use your shampoo bar as often as you like, your hair will be left feeling clean, yet soft. Give it a try

Customer feedback

“I’m thrilled with my shampoo bar. It has far exceeded my expectations, leaving my hair clean and soft. The best part is I don’t have to wash it as often and my hair feels and looks great right up until the next wash.”  Holly, Auckland

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