Four reasons why you should make mineral foundation part of your makeup routine

There’s good reason to make this the week you put down your bottles of liquid foundation and switch to all natural loose mineral makeup. The benefits are many; it’s good for your skin, contains all natural ingredients, and is incredibly versatile allowing you to create a range of looks with just one product. Whatever your current makeup habits, you’ll love using mineral foundation and your skin will love it too. 

Why you should start using mineral foundation today:

1. It’s good for your skin

Our range of loose mineral foundations are light, with no chemicals or fillers, allowing the skin to breathe. This means that unlike a lot of other makeup, it won’t clog your pores. Partly this is due to the fact that it doesn’t contain talc, which stays on the surface of the skin sinking into pores and attracting grime. If you suffer with enlarged pores or breakouts, mineral makeup is ideal.

What’s more, mineral makeup is produced without the use of chemical stabilisers some liquid foundations contain that can be very harsh on your skin.

2. It gives your skin a smooth finish & healthy glow

Because it contains micronised minerals, mineral foundation can give you a natural glow that is even and lasting. You’ll get great all over colour that works with your natural tones. See our tips for choosing the right shade below.

3. It’s incredibly versatile

Whether it’s a daytime natural glow or a more ‘made up’ look you’re aiming for, the advanced mineral pigments can form the base of buildable colour. It’s all about customisable coverage, whether you’re going for a light coverage or building layers of luminous colour. You can also mix the mineral foundation with water, moisturisers and creams to make a liquid foundation consistency. That’s the beauty of loose mineral pigments, you can do everything from concealing to the ultimate light coverage. 

4. It’s completely natural

Good quality mineral makeup uses just the best ingredients and to a large extent the value is in what’s left out. This means no parabens, no fragrances and no nasties that are being absorbed by your skin. 

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Read on for our handy tip for finding the right colour for your skin tone:

Know your skin tone As with clothing, picking the right shade of mineral makeup comes down to knowing your skin tone – does it have warm or cool undertones?

A good place to start is to think about which neutrals suit you best. Do your skin, eyes and face look best in bright white and black hues? If this is you, you’re cool. If those colours tend to wash you out, you’re more likely to suit ivory, off-whites and brown/tan shades (meaning you’re warm).

Another method is to hold a piece of white paper up to your face and compare how it looks in contrast to the paper. If your skin looks yellowish, greenish or light brown, you’re warm. If it looks pink, rosy or blue, you’re cool. 

The right shade is that which closely resembles (melts into) your natural skin tone.

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