About Us

My name is Christine Thorburn and I am the founder of Clearburn Naturals. I started the business because I was disillusioned with all the chemicals that are put in our skincare and food. I believe Mother Nature knows best. I make natural makeup and skincare, and I also source natural skincare from around the world.

Plant extracts and herbs have been used by many cultures as cosmetics and perfumes since ancient times. In modern times, clinical and laboratory studies are helping to better understand the benefits of many natural ingredients used in makeup and skincare.

Skin products with organic and natural ingredients are becoming preferred by consumers for many reasons, including an abhorrence for animal testing, sensitivities to chemicals and a desire for natural skincare and makeup.

There are many beneficial aspects of the plant, butter or oils that we use, and there is a lot of research into the ingredients that we include in our products.

These ingredients harness the natural goodness of nature to help maintain healthy skin and hair and to promote wellbeing.

Our natural skincare products contain no nasty chemicals and are beneficial, making the skin smooth and soft.

The mineral makeup contains all natural ingredients, so that it looks and feels more comfortable on your skin. It is also kind to sensitive skin, and doesn’t clog pores leading to blemishes. It absorbs excess oil, making it a great option for people with oily skin.

Mineral makeup was used by the ancient Egyptians and women around the world continue to find the natural looking results of using mineral makeup.

We’re excited to share our Clearburns Naturals range with you.