Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics made in NZ

Christine Thorburn (Dip.Org.Skincare) has developed a range of New Zealand natural nutrient-rich luxurious skincare products. Specifically designed to enable your skin to derive the wholesome benefits inherent in nature, they make your skin smooth and soft. Her very select lavishly scented vegan-suitable products enable you to treat your skin to all it deserves, and a luscious little bit more.

Natural Skincare

Natural skincare and natural cosmetics create healthy skin and come from the best skin care products. Clearburn Naturals skin care products are chemical-free, and nourish your skin with carefully chosen herbs and natural plant extracts handcrafted to enhance your skin from tip to toe. These formulations contain herbs and extracts used in healthy skincare for thousands of years. Cutting-edge clinical and laboratory research confirms the benefits of many of the natural ingredients utilised in the formulation of Clearburn Naturals’ best skin care products.

Natural Cosmetics

Clearburn Naturals mineral make-up range contains only high quality natural ingredients to look and feel more comfortable on your skin. They’re kind to sensitive skin, allow your pores to breathe, and your skin to remain blemish-free. Skin types prone to over-production of oil benefit because they absorb excess oil.

Natural cosmetics made up of mineral compounds are not new. They were used by the ancient Egyptians, but today women around the world are rediscovering the natural-looking beauty created by mineral makeup.

The selection of eye-shadow colours available in Clearburn Naturals cosmetics is comprehensive, and outnumbers those in ranges produced by conventional manufacturers. Christine continues to develop a handsome variety of opulent hues in natural eye shadows, foundations and blushes. Watch the Beauty Range for new colours.

Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics made in NZWho We Are

Clearburn Naturals was founded in 2015 but Christine has been working with herbs and natural extracts since 2008. After falling ill from sprays she used with her husband in growing commercial orchids she began to work with naturally-derived ingredients. She says, “I believe Mother Nature knows best.”

She gained a Diploma in Organic Skincare qualifying with Distinction in Formulation & Cosmetic Compliance from the accredited Formula Botanica Skincare School. All her products, including hair care, cosmetics and skincare, are locally made from local biologically derived products. They are tested on humans only, and could be eaten without harm if a child accidentally got into them.

Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics made in NZClearburn Naturals skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products are for discerning men and women who want to be confident of their looks, remain chemical-free, enjoy contented well-being, and nourish their bodies with wholesome natural nutrients and the best skin care products available.