5 Natural (and powerful!) anti-ageing skincare ingredients

Here are a few of my favourite natural skin care ingredients to help reduce skin ageing

I don’t really like the word ‘anti-ageing’ as we shouldn’t be ‘anti’ something that naturally happens to us all. But some things can make our skin age much faster. Smoking, alcohol and an unhealthy diet accelerate the process, while sun exposure contributes to age spots and lines, and a dry environment can create dry skin, resulting in more fine lines. Thankfully, Mother Nature has some wonderful ingredients to help rejuvenate ageing skin – many of which I use in my own skin care line.

Hyaluronic acid

This naturally occurring sugar is a humectant that can bind up to 1000 times its weight in water, which is great news for all skin types as it helps to keeps skin plump. It’s best applied on damp skin to ‘pull’ the moisture and hydration into the skin as the product absorbs.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

You may have started hearing a lot about this wonder ingredient recently. Niacinamide helps promote ceramide synthesis, which is essential to a healthy skin barrier. It reduces redness in the skin, may help to lighten pigmentation, regulate sebum on oily skin and supports collagen synthesis – the body’s ability to create collagen and the key factor in youthful, firm skin. Think of it this way, the more collagen and elastin production, the less sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

Pomegranate seed oil

This super skin oil contains a high concentration of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant. It also helps to lighten and brighten dull and hyperpigmented skin (otherwise known as dreaded age spots!). Another component present in this oil is punicic acid, which plays a part in skin hydration in the skin, regenerates skin cells and stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Glycolic acid

Derived from cane sugar, glycolic acid belongs to a group of chemicals called alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). It stimulates the production of both collagen and elastin but is also a powerful exfoliant, increasing the turnover of cells in the skin’s outermost layer, to result in younger-looking, more even toned skin.

Frankincense Essential Oil

This aromatic resin has been used in skin care for centuries. It helps to tighten and firm the skin, reduces the appearance of scars and age spots, and also helps to balance the skin’s PH. On top of all that, the sweet, honey-wood scent is absolutely divine.

Lavender Moisturiser

I use pomegranate oil, hyaluronic acid and frankincense as some of the wonderful ingredients in my Lavender Moisturiser.

I also included rosehip oil and macadamia nut oil to soothe and soften the skin, as well as co-enzyme Q10 (another anti-ageing powerhouse ingredient!). The result is a silky moisturiser with a divine, natural scent that supports skin health to help prevent premature ageing. I’d love you to try it!

Purchase my Lavender Moisturiser this month and I’ll include a free Lavender Micellar Water

Micellar Water is a lovely way to remove makeup, to cleanse and tone your skin and is the perfect partner to our lavender moisturiser.


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